Know How To Care For Your Bow

In archery, your skills development and progress will be greatly affected by your bow and arrow. It is therefore critical that you provide ample attention to your archery equipment, maintaining them perfectly and ensuring that they are in tiptop shape to give you optimum performance in all your archery exhibitions and tournaments.

Simple Steps on Keeping Your Archery Equipment in Good Shape

Take good care of your archery equipment with the following effective tips and tricks:

* The first thing to do is wash the bowstrings. One positive indication that your strings have to be washed is when they start to look fuzzy and strained. Taking a good look at your string from time to time will allow you to keep your archery gear well maintained and in superb performance.

* Wax your compound bows. Extend the lifespan of your archery gear by regularly waxing it. Waxing also keeps your compound bows protected from moisture.

* If it gets wet, immediately dry the archery equipment since moisture will make it frail. If the equipment is wet, never dry it with heat. Always use a soft cloth to dry the equipment. Heating it will damage the equipment. Although the special wax applied to it is weatherproof, it still has metal parts in the interior that may become rusty enough to cause your equipment to malfunction.

* Regularly string your bows. Just like professional archers, make use of a stringer to string your equipment. The use of a stringer will prevent any tendency of misaligning or breaking your bows.

* If your bow has any detachable arms, be sure to have them tightened slowly. You wouldn't want to break your bow's precious arms easily by tightening them so quickly.

* Never shoot without any arrow or avoid "dry firing." When you shoot without any arrow, the tendency would be for your bow to absorb all the shock, damaging itself in the long run. This is because the arrow normally does the absorbing of the shock when shooting.

* Moreover, you also have to shoot with arrows that have proper weight. Shooting arrows that are lighter than the required or recommended weight creates a similar effect of a "dry fire." However, shooting with heavier arrows results in shortened distance and quicker drops.

* Once you are done using the compound bows or when you are not using it for quite some time, you should store it in a cool dry place. The same goes for all your other archery equipment. They should not be kept in extreme temperatures. Never leave them in your car on a sunny day or out on a cold winter night.

* If you are not using your equipment, you have to remove the strings. Except for the traditional recurve made of wood, the other bows should have their strings removed in order to maintain their original shape.


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